Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anatomy of a Lolita Outfit

So, I've decided as of yesterday to post this up.  Now that you've scrolled through all the posts about the different types of Lolita there are and what each needs, I'm sure you'd like to know the basics of what makes up every style of Lolita.  There are people who will tell you lots of different answers as to what makes up a proper Lolita coordinate do to their preferences.  Here, I am just going to tell you the basis for Lolita.

This includes items such as headdresses, headbows, barrettes, crowns, mini top hats, double bows and alice bows.  Any of these can be used with any style of Lolita and should be of good quality.  I personally think that every Lolita coordinate needs some kind of headwear to make it balanced.

This includes blouses with usually puffy sleeves that can be short or long, though some blouses actually have detachable sleeves so you can re-use it for a different coordinate.  They usually have a small amount of lace and some fabric frills, though some have bows on them.  A blouse is worn with a skirt or JSK, though never and OP.  Another type of top for Lolita is a cutsew, which is pretty much a babydoll t-shirt, though they usually have puffy arms like Lolita blouses.  These are mostly for Casual Lolita, though if you're good at making coordinates, you might be able to work it into another style of Lolita.  Another common thing to find on cutsews are the frill around the neck like on Lolita blouses.

This includes OP, which means one piece.  If you're the type of person who prefers simplicity in your routine or who doesn't like the feeling of a skirt on your waist, dresses or OP are a popular choice for Lolita.  They work with any style of Lolita and they even make cutsew dresses for Casual Lolita.

This includes a bell skirt or a JSK.  Bell skirts are most common for any style of Lolita and as they are named, flare out in a bell shape.  These should be at the knee, thought some styles call for shorter but should never be considered a mini skirt.  As for JSK, these are more of bell skirts with a middle and straps.  They come in many different types and designs, though should always be worn with an appropriate blouse.

This includes panniers, petticoats, bloomers, and drawers.  Panniers and petticoats are used under skirts to gain the poofy Lolita silhouette. They're made out of tulle, polyester or organdy that are gathered in layers. It's best to have a pannier with multiple layers or with a stiffer material.  If you're worried about this rubbing against your skin, that's one function of bloomers.  Bloomers, or drawers, are a short pant type undergarment that is used for modesty to keep from peeking under the skirt.  Another use for these is if you're trying to keep warm.  These are best for colder climate areas, extra modesty or use in the winter months.

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