Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Introduction to Princess of Lolita

Hello there friend.  You can call me Precious, as that's what I go by in the online world.  I'm a Gorean who is in love with Japanese fashion, culture and everything adorable in the world.  The name of the blog is "Princess of Lolita" though I do adore other fashion trends such as himegyaru and fairy kei.  I'd have to describe my overall personality and tastes as a lolita though and well, I think I'm a princess.

I started out early December 2012 with my main blog, Princess on a Leash.  This was just meant to be a blog for my Master in which I wrote my daily thoughts on his behavior, my own behavior and one or two little happenings of my day.  I soon wanted to post about my interests as well though, so I decided to start up a second daily blog and that's how I came up with Princess of Lolita.  Now I am here to post about my interests so that my Master doesn't have to filter through roses and sparkles to read my assignments.  So, from now on I will be posting my adventures in the world of finally living out my dream to actually dress, act and be lolita as much as life will allow.
~ Love, Precious (aka: Princess of Lolita)


  1. Hello, is your middle name Marie? Please confirm, I may be a very old friend of yours.

    1. It is. I haven't been on this blog for a bit, but was just checking my email. :)

    2. My email is VaporeonSugar@gmail.com if you'd like to message me.