Monday, January 7, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 1

Alright, so one of my favorite blog reads F Yeah Lolita, posted up a Lolita 52 Challenge which is basically to do a post prompt on one Lolita specific topic a week.  Seeing the name, she has 52 prompts posted up.  I'd tackle them in order, though I don't always have the want to write about certain things.  Instead, I've decided to go down the list and skip ones I don't feel like posting on, don't have an answer to at the moment or just don't like and do them after I've gone down the list once and repeat.  The cute graphic for this post belongs to her and all rights to her.  I'd adore to be able to make cute banners like that, but I haven't taken the time to learn yet.

Alright, so the first prompt for week 1 of just #1 is "5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style".  This one has not yet been explained on my blog, though I do intent to put up an "Anatomy of Lolita" post soon.

1. Headwear - This can be anything from an alice bow to hair clips to a headdress.  I just honestly think every single Lolita outfit needs something on your head to keep the balance.  No over the top top hats or headdress lace monsters though.  It can be as simple as colorful ties to keep up your side pony tails.  You just need something in your hair.  If you decide otherwise, fine by me.

2. Proper Shoes - Yes, some people forget to wear shoes all together or opt for slippers, though the wrong kind of shoes bother me just as much.  Regardless of style, I really think that every Lolita outfit should have proper close toed shoes.  Sure Ero and Hime go against that, though you can find tons of wonderful shoes to go with your Ero or Hime coordinate that are closed toed as well.

3. Socks - Alright, so along with the people who dislike proper shoes, you need to be wearing some socks too.  Too many a time have I seen a cosplay Lolita wearing no socks at all or some cheap, thin nylon like socks.  Make sure they're cotton, you can wear those darn ankle socks if you please, but for the love of all that's good, just wear the dang socks.  I prefer OTK and tights to anything else really, though those count just as much as the other lovely opaque types.

4. Underpinning (aka: pannier or bloomers) - Every Lolita outfit really needs these for that tiny bit to the extreme poofing of the skirt.  That, and they're also needed for modest.  If you don't have anything between you and that skirt, what happens if a sudden breeze pics up?  Everyone will see those lovely teddy bear undies and you'll feel like such an Ita-Lolita that you want to run home to your mommy.  So, I really think you should probably wear a pannier that is the right length for your skirt or some bloomers for extra modesty.  Either way, just try to keep it so that everyone won't get a peep show.

5. Blouse - Now, if I was going in order blouse would have been number two, though I'm not.  I'm going by how needed I think they are.  Some Lolita might argue "A blouse is everything!" though I say nay.  Why?  Because I am a lover of OP which as you know is a dress, and that dress... well, it doesn't need a blouse at all, now does it silly?  Though every style regardless should have a proper blouse if wearing a skirt of JSK.

So, that's my prompt for week 1 of 52 in the Lolita 52 Challenge.  Just make sure to wear those items and hopefully the rest of the needed items for a coordinate and we'll be just fine.

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