Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 2

Alright, so this would be week to and the prompt is "5 movies for Lolita".  I really don't have a clue what a Lolita should and shouldn't watch.  No person should really be limited to their category  just like Otaku can watch things that aren't Japanese or anime.  Personally, there are some really cute movies that I like to watch as a girly girl and things like that, but none that I would recommend as a 'Lolita' watch.  That being said, here are my top five movies that I think fit in do to my mindset on this fashion and lifestyle.

1. Marie Antoinette - This is one of my all time favorite movies about my all time favorite woman in history, Marie Antoinette.  Everyone knows the "Let them eat cake!" phrase (that she more than likely did not actually say) that is so popular.  This movie is about her life moving to France to be married and all the scandalous glamour until the royal family is ran out.  I'm not giving you spoilers, this should have been a history lesson you've already heard of.

2. Nobody Knows - My second favorite movie, my first favorite Japanese movie and one of the best films you will ever watch.  Please find this and pick it up somewhere.  I watched it from my local movie store when it first came out many years ago.  I do not want to spoil it for you, so just watch.  It's about siblings sticking together and the eldest taking charge when abandoned by their mother.

3. Kamikaze Girls - This is a bizare and awesome movie about a Japanese Lolita biker girl who very much wished to be born 200 years earlier - in Europe.  The movie is really funny in my opinion, though a little vulgar most the way through the parts about her childhood.  It's a cute comedy about her life not only living in the twenty-first century, but a small community that doesn't understand her wants and lifestyle.  I'd recommend giving it a watch.

4. Mister Rococo - It's a short film, but still very good.  It's mostly comedy set with a main Lolita character.  I'm not sure what much to say about this seeing it's a short film and any amount of context would be a spoiler for it.  The main character has ups and downs and goes through a lot wit her new found comedian boyfriend.  It's really cute and I think you should give it a watch.

5. Lolita - This is on the watch list because it will show you, if you haven't already read the book or don't like reading, what Lolita isn't.  It's a story of a man who falls for a young vixen and is basically a tale of the pedobear who didn't expect to be one.  Though I'm sure any man would be head over heals for a younger woman, even if they were just in their teens.

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