Monday, January 28, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 4

Alright, so another week has gone by and that means that it's time for a lovely prompt for the Lolita 52 Challenge from F Yeah Lolita.  The logo at the top of each of these, as you should know by now, is linked to her blog post on the challenge.  Though I'm sure most of those into Lolita have heard of her before seeing as she's just as famous as Parfait Doll and interesting to boot!  So, this one is Favorite Thing to Put on My Head.  A silly name for a prompt, but simple enough.

I'd have to say that my favorite thing to put on my head is a bow of some sort.  Whether it be on a band or just a clip, bows are the one thing I adore most.  I actually believe I only own two other items for my hair that aren't bows or ribbons.  As some of you noticed on the side of this blog, I have a link to my Poupee Girl account.  It hosts all of my clothing that I've ever owned, whether I've worn them in a really long time or not. The major item that you'll see over and over are bunches of headbands with ribbons on them.  They're in every color from purple to pink and the styles vary as well from small to overdone, draped Alice Bows.  If I do not have a ribbon on my head and I'm not at work, I'm probably either asleep or having a really bad day so much so I couldn't remember to get dressed.

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