Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty Pretty

As I mentioned before on my blog, I haven't purchased any Lolita items in a very long time.  Today I just received my very first custom one piece dress.  I was rather excited about this and couldn't wait to try it on and frolic about.  The reason I haven't been purchasing clothing is because I gained weight do to depression and stress and am just now going about losing it.  The dress is very pretty and I am very happy with it.  I wanted to start my chubby wardrobe out in pink, but I saw this and just couldn't resist even though it's sax.  It's heavy cotton, though not so much so that if I fell in a pool I'd be stuck.  The bow is really nice and the dress had just a small amount of high quality, lovely lace.  I really need to get a mannequin now that I'm moving.  That way I'll be able to display these lovely things to show just how wonderful they really look all floofed up.

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