Saturday, January 5, 2013

Styles of Lolita: Casual Lolita

Casual Lolita contains all the basic anatomy of a Lolita outfit and retains it's modesty and slight elegance.  While it retains the same anatomy, the items are toned down, less lace and less dressy all together.  Here is what you should and shouldn't do when dressing in Casual Lolita.

✔ Headwear should be style specific, though more simple than for the actual style it's being adapted from. If you do not have a style other than casual, an alice bow would be just fine.

✖ Do not wear a wig. It's casual and a wig is usually dressy. If you want to, get a simple wig that is straight or with waves, but not over the top curls and pigtails. As with all other Lolita, never wear your hair back in a ponytail!

✔ The blouse is a cutsew or babydoll t-shirt, usually with lolita prints. Other forms of shirts are acceptable as long as it looks proper with the other elements of the outfit. You may also wear a simple cardigan if you like, keeping the lace and bows to a minimum.

✖ As with all other styles of Lolita, just because it's casual doesn't mean wear a tank top. You have to make sure that cleavage is as non-existent as possible. This may be hard for some of the bigger chested ladies, but no Lolita needs cleavage showing.

✔ The skirt should be simple, though can have a bold print if the rest of the outfit is more minimal. The length for Casual Lolita skirts is standard knee-length or shorter.  A JSK will work just fine as well.

✖ Just because the skirt can be shorter does no mean that you shouldn't be modest. As they started doing in school in the early 2000's, hold your arms to your side. If your skirt is above where your fingertips are, it's too short to be in Casual Lolita.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier or bloomers should also be worn.  The length should match that of the skirt, though

✖ Do not attempt to skip undergarments just because it's casual.

✔ Socks should be knee socks, OTK socks or tights.  Plain is best, though they may have simple designs on them if you like.

✖ Please for the love of all that is good do not wear stockings. These are like tights, but see-through or netted and defeat the entire purpose of modesty in Lolita. Unless you're trying to do some odd adaptation of Erotic Lolita into Casual Lolita, just please don't.

✔ For the shoes, try to go with simple Mary Janes or other qualifying shoes. The shoes really should be closed toe, though a few people have done open-toed. Most open-toed shoes will not look good with Lolita of any kind, not even casual, so think about the other elements of your outfit before you pick.

✖ Do not wear high heels that are more than four inches. This tends to look off and makes your outfit less modest as heels that aren't platforms are associated with erotic adult professions.

Other tips for your Casual Lolita outfit include:

✚ Any color scheme works if it works with the style you're adapting your look from.
✚ Only use a small amount of lace and just a few ribbons.
✚ Make-up should be light in pale or pastel tones.
✚ Feel free to add in just a few style specific accessories to your outfit.
✚ If you use a bag or purse, keep it simple with minimal lace or a bow.

Example of Casual Lolita.

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