Saturday, January 5, 2013

Styles of Lolita: Cosplay Lolita

Cosplay Lolita is not actually Lolita at all, though I thought I should put this here for those of you who think Lolita is some sort of costume instead of a fashion and lifestyle.  People who use Lolita as cosplay usually have no understanding of what Lolita actually is and therefore their clothing usually do not conform to Lolita

standard for coordinates. Cosplay Lolita is the kind you see at anime conventions worn by ignorant people who really don't understand what they're doing. The outfit is usually made out of cheap materials and looks shiny, is see-through or all-together looks poorly made. Common things you'll see with Cosplay Lolita are...

☢ Cheap blouses that are of low-quality material or see-through or no blouse at all with a one-piece.

☢ Complete lack of proper Lolita skirt.

☢ Lack of bloomers or pannier or use of cheaply made petticoats.

☢ Cheaply made hair accessories or costume-esque animal ears.

☢ Anime or cartoon character elements mixed in.

☢ Lack of proper socks or any socks at all.

☢ Cheaply made or overally shiny shoes that are either open toed or boots.

☢ Make-up is overall shiny, gothic, black lipstick or other odd elements.

There are plenty of sources online that have good definitions of what Lolita is all about. Check out a few Lolita based stores and get a feel for what the outfits look like. Then browse a trade website like EGL Sales on LiveJournal to see if you can find anything you like for a cheaper price than in stores. After a few minutes or so reading up on Lolita fashion and how it came to be and the proper elements of a Lolita outfit, you too can avoid looking like this.

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