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Styles of Lolita: Deco Lolita

Deco Lolita is a crossover fashion of Sweet Lolita and Decora, which is a bold fashion from the 1990s.  It is close in comparison to OTT Lolita, though is different in color prints and amount of accessories.  Here are a few things you should know when putting together a Deco Lolita coordinate.

✔ Headwear for this style includes any Lolita style hair accessory.  Deco Lolita usually has one base item, such as an alice bow, animal ears or headdress, and dozens of small items such as ribbon hair clips, cartoon character clips, beads, ribbons, barrettes and other tiny hair accessories.  The hair can be anything, though is usually a lighter color and sometimes two toned.  Most of the time Deco Lolita involves a wig and usually never a real hairstyle.

✖ A hairstyle you should avoid is a single ponytail pulled back.  This is frowned upon with all Lolita styles.

✔ A standard white blouse is best for Deco Lolita, though black may be used.  Most Deco Lolita tops are a one-piece though.  These can have bold prints on them or be plain.

✖ Anything other than a blouse when not wearing a one-piece is frowned upon.

✔ Skirts range in many different colors and prints.  The most popular are desserts, candy, strawberries, hearts, flowers and toys, though there are even more cute prints to choose from.  A simple bell skirt is the normal while JSK are rather popular now.  All skirts should be worn with a blouse that meets Lolita criteria of quality.

✖ Mini skirts as well as ankle length skirts are two types of skirts that do not belong in any Deco Lolita as they are wrong for the style.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier or bloomers should also be worn.  Sometimes worn are panniers that are extra poofy to give an extreme cupcake or princess poof effect.

✖ Do not attempt to skip proper undergarments or use costume petticoats as this will look terrible and will also be very scratchy and uncomfortable for you.

✔ Socks should be knee socks, OTK socks or tights.  The designs on them are very bright patterns, one-side design and even mismatched.

✖ Please for the love of all that is good do not wear stockings. These are like tights, but see-through or netted and defeat the entire purpose of modesty in Lolita.

✔ For the shoes, try to go with simple, ribboned or sweet covered qualifying shoes. A Lolita shoe is considered one that is modest with a closed toe and slight heel.  Some examples of acceptable shoes are platforms, Mary Janes, rocking horse shoes and ballet flats, even though they don't have a heel.

✖ Do not wear high heels that are more than four inches. This tends to look off and makes your outfit less modest as heels that aren't platforms are associated with erotic adult professions.

Other tips for your Deco Lolita outfit include:

✚ Accessories come in a wide range from chokers to rings and bracelets with ribbons, pearls, small animals, cartoon characters and different kinds of pastries or food.  Seeing as the style is from Decora, you would want to have a lot of accessories layered on.  Having just a couple of accessories will end up looking like OTT Lolita if you don't mismatch the rest of your outfit properly.
✚ Your make-up should be playful for this style.  Mascara, eye liner, bright eye shadow and some shade of pink blush and colored lipgloss are most common.  Stickers and designs can be applied to the face as well.  Circle lenses are also very popular along with fake eyelashes.
✚ If you use a bag or purse, Deco Lolita purses are usually childish and look like they are made out of stuffed animal material.  They can have pastries, sweets, cartoon characters and other random designs on them.  The more bold the statement, the easier it is to tell it's Deco.

Example of Deco Lolita.

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