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Styles of Lolita: Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is the most well-known type style of Lolita around the world.  The colors are either dark or haunting and play around the more dark aspects of the Lolita fashion.  Gothic Lolita has subtypes the include Traditional Gothic Lolita, which wears solid black, lace trims and has embroidery on the fabric.  The second subtype of Gothic Lolita includes western prints of night creatures, bats, crosses and skulls.  Gothic Lolita and it's subtypes contain all the basic anatomy of a Lolita outfit, though in a more elegant aspect.  Here is what you should and shouldn't do when dressing in Gothic Lolita.

✔ Headwear for this style includes headdresses, roses, bonnets, alice bow, ribbons and miniature top hats.  Wigs or hairstyles that are black, red, white or very light blonde are popular with this style.  Hair may be worn straight or lightly curled, though other styles would work as well.

✖ Some people do not find headbands to be in fashion anymore, while others do.  They were at the start of Gothic Lolita so you should have no issue wearing them, though most places no longer sell them.  A hairstyle you should avoid is a single ponytail pulled back.  This is frowned upon with all Lolita styles.

✔ A standard black blouse is best, though some Gothic Lolita outfits actually call for white.  One-pieces aren't as popular in Gothic Lolita as in other styles of Lolita, but they work well in black as well.

✖ Anything other than a blouse when not wearing a one-piece is frowned upon.

✔ Skirts are a standard knee length and can either be a bell skirt or JSK.  All skirts should be worn with a blouse that meets Lolita criteria of quality.

✖ Mini skirts as well as ankle length skirts are two types of skirts that do not belong in any Gothic Lolita outfit and should be avoided.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier or bloomers should also be worn.

✖ Do not attempt to skip proper undergarments or use costume petticoats as this will look terrible and will also be very scratchy and uncomfortable for you.

✔ Socks should be knee socks, ankle socks, OTK socks or tights.  The designs on them are usually simple and up one side of each sock, though they can be plain or have a pattern on the entire piece.

✖ Please for the love of all that is good do not wear stockings. These are like tights, but see-through or netted and defeat the entire purpose of modesty in Lolita.

✔ For the shoes, try to go with simple, ribboned or plain qualifying shoes. A Lolita shoe is considered one that is modest with a closed toe and slight heel.  Some examples of acceptable shoes are platforms, Mary Janes, rocking horse shoes and ballet flats, even though they don't have a heel.

✖ Do not wear high heels that are more than four inches. This tends to look off and makes your outfit less modest as heels that aren't platforms are associated with erotic adult professions.

Other tips for your Gothic Lolita outfit include:

✚ Black is the main element, though other dark colors such as dark shades of red, purple and blue have been used as well as gold, silver and white for a more haunting look.
✚ Accessories for Gothic Lolita include lace chokers, gothic themed necklaces, lace gloves and cuffs and other simplistic elements.
✚ Your make-up should be elegant and doll-like for this style.  Mascara, eye liner, dark or black eye shadow, some shade of pink or red blush and lipstick or gloss in shades from pink to dark red.  Circle lenses are also very popular along with fake eyelashes.
✚ If you use a bag or purse, it can be anything from plain black to checkered, crown shaped, cross shaped or have gothic theme prints on it.

Examples of Traditional Gothic Lolita and Western Influenced Gothic Lolita.

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