Friday, January 4, 2013

Styles of Lolita: Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita is inspired by Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita and Hime Gyaru fashion.  This look is one of the few that uses satin as a material in dress and has the most royal look to it.  Hime Lolita is elegant and includes items such as crowns to show the look of a princess.

✔ Headwear for this style includes crowns, tiaras, pearl headbands, alice bows, small bonnets and roses.  Hairstyles can be natural or a wig and are usually only in neutral colors.  Curls, hime hair, updos and side-ponytails are most popular, though any princess style hair will do.

✖ Most other forms of headwear are not used in Hime Lolita seeing as they do not keep the look royal enough.  Do not wear hair back in a ponytail.

✔ Almost all Hime Lolita outfits are made up of a one-piece that is either solid or has light patterns of roses or strawberries.  There is a good amount of ribbons and lace on these outfits, though not enough to be considered a lace monster.

✖ No cleavage and usually no blouse as one-pieces are most common.

✔ Skirts range in many different colors and prints.  The most popular are desserts, candy, strawberries, hearts, flowers, small animals and fairy tale settings, though there are even more cute prints to choose from.  A simple bell skirt is the normal while JSK are rather popular now.  All skirts should be worn with a blouse that meets Lolita criteria of quality.

✖ Hime Lolita usually does not have JSK or skirts, though it can.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier should also be worn.  Anything from light to extra poofy can be worn.

✖ Do not use costume petticoats seeing as they will ruin the inside of your dress after a while and they are very itchy.  Bloomers also aren't very common in Hime Lolita and should be avoided.

✔ Socks should be knee socks, OTK socks, tights or solid stockings.  The designs on them are usually simple and up one side of each sock, though they can be plain as well.

✖ Ankle socks are not common for this style and should be avoided.

✔ Any shoe with a heel can be used for Hime Lolita, including Hime Gyaru shoes.  Boots are also used, though not as common.  Shoes usually have a ribbon, lace trim, roses or pearls on them.

✖ Try to avoid ballet flats.

Other tips for your Hime Lolita outfit include:

✚ Try to stick with pastel colors.  Some try to pull off dark colors, though it usually doesn't look proper.
✚ Accessories for Hime Lolita include jewelry with pearls on them and princess wands.
✚ Your make-up should be elegant and doll-like for this style.  Mascara, eye liner, pastel eye shadow and some shade of pink blush and light pink lipgloss are most common.  Circle lenses are also very popular along with fake eyelashes.
✚ If you use a bag or purse, it should be a solid color with ribbons and/or pearls decorating it.

Example of Hime Lolita.

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