Thursday, January 3, 2013

Styles of Lolita: Sailor Lolita

Sailor Lolita is one of the most popular styles of Lolita.  The colors are usually sea themed or black, red, navy, white and blue. Sailor Lolita is influenced by older sailor uniforms.  This style usually does not have prints, but embroideries and anchors.  Sailor Lolita's subtype, Pirate Lolita has more patterns on it instead and a different range of colors, while keeping the sea bearing theme with a Caribbean twist.

✔ Headwear for Sailor Lolita includes sailor hats, ans sailor-themed berets and alice bows.  The color of these items stays within the sailor color theme.  Pirate Lolita headwear includes corsages and feathered pirate hats.  The hairstyles for both can be just about any Lolita hairstyle.

✖ As with any Lolita style, avoid having your hair tied back into a ponytail.

✔ Sailor Lolita is almost always a one-piece with no blouse of any kind, while Pirate Lolita can be a one-piece or a poet's shirt or blouse.  A one-piece for Sailor Lolita almost always has buttons, a tie and stripes on it and can also have a pocket.

✖ Anything but the above will most likely not work with your Sailor of Pirate Lolita outfit.

✔ Skirts are a standard knee length or shorter, though not mini skirt short.  Pirate Lolita skirts will include some lace, while Sailor Lolita will not.

✖ Anything should be fine, though skirts that go below the knee are not common and do not look very good with either style of Lolita.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier or bloomers should be worn with Sailor and Pirate Lolita.

✖ Do not attempt to skip proper undergarments or use costume petticoats as this will look terrible and will also be very scratchy and uncomfortable for you.

✔ Socks should be knee socks or OTK socks for both Sailor and Pirate Lolita and can include stripes, anchors or other sea-bearer themes.  Pirate Lolita can also have fishnet stockings.

✖ Pirate Lolita should be able to work with any sock besides ankle socks as they do not look proper with the style.

✔ Sailor Lolita and Pirate Lolita can both have any type of shoe, though shoes with wooden soles are most popular among Sailor Lolita just as boots are most popular for Pirate Lolita.

✖ Do not wear high heels that are more than four inches. This tends to look off and makes your outfit less modest as heels that aren't platforms are associated with erotic adult professions.

Other tips for your Sailor Lolita outfit include:

✚ Sailor Lolita make-up is very simplistic and consists of mascara, sometimes eye liner, neutral eye shadow and pink or red blush.  Lipstick is usually a transparent gloss, neutral, pink or soft red lipstick.  Fake eye lashes and circle lenses can be used as well to achieve a doll look.
✚ Accessories for Sailor Lolita include parasols and anchor or sea-themed jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Pirate Lolita accessories are more of 'treasure' items such as coins, crowns or crown-trinkets on jewelry, rum bottles and treasure chests.  Eye patches are also very common as a Pirate Lolita accessory.
✚ If you use a bag or purse, Sailor Lolita themes include the traditional Sailor colors or an anchor pattern, though they can be shaped like an anchor or boat as well.  Pirate Lolita bags are almost always in the shape of a treasure chest.

Examples of Sailor Lolita and Pirate Lolita.

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