Thursday, January 3, 2013

Styles of Lolita: Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita contains all the basic anatomy of a Lolita outfit with a traditional Japanese theme.  This is the best style for those who want to be closer to the Japanese culture, though want to do so in an elegant Lolita fashion.  Some elements are much different from that of other Lolita styles and do to that, some people actually reject this style as a form of Lolita.  However, it is an official Lolita style as it meets the anatomy of a proper Lolita outfit even though some of the one-pieces aren't as modest as they should be.

✔ Headwear for this style can include an alice bow, bonnet or more traditional Japanese hair accessories such as kanzashi or flower hair clips.

✖ Do not wear top hats with this style.  The do not mix in well with the kimono / Wa Lolita look.

✔ The top for this outfit is a one-piece dress that the top-half has the elements of a kimono or yukata and the bottom half has the bell shape of a Lolita skirt.  This means the top half will be the design of a kimono/yukata and have long sode or sleeves like that found on an unmarried girls kimono.  The patterns on these range from flowers to koi to cranes or other traditional Japanese kimono prints.  The fabric should be made out of quality cotton or kimono fabric.  The skirt of the one-piece can be short, but not too short.  Modesty is needed in all styles of Lolita.

✖ Wa Lolita outfits should not be a full kimonos or made out of Chinese qi-pao material or other cheap fabrics.  The quality of the outfit is very important.

✔ In the event that your one-piece is more of a dress than a bell-skirt kimono, you will wear a plain blouse to go with this.  The blouse should match the color theme of the one-piece.

✖ Do not skip wearing a blouse if you have a dress type bell-skirt kimono like the ones from META.  You'll be showing too much skin this way which is not proper for a Lolita outfit.

✔ Unlike other styles of Lolita clothing, the Wa Lolita outfit has an obi.  This is a sash that is tied around the waist of a kimono.  The obi should compliment the kimono-style one-piece.

✖ Your obi should not be overly stiff or made out of cheap material.  An obi is meant to be an elegant waist accessory to keep a traditional kimono closed and should look just as elegant with a Wa Lolita outfit.

✔ Undergarments, such as a pannier should be worn.

✖ Do not attempt to wear any style of Lolita without some form of undergarment.  Also, bloomers do not look very good with Wa Lolita, so try to avoid these if you can.

✔ Socks should be knee socks, OTK socks or tights.  Plain is best, though they may have a traditional Japanese pattern on them if you would like.

✖ Wa Lolita do not have a set rule on what 'not' to wear as socks.  GLB even features Wa Lolita who are wearing netted stockings and leggings, though it does not look very good.

✔ Wa Lolita have a wide range of shoes to pick from.  Rocking horse shoes and platforms look best with this style as well as traditional Japanese shoes such as okobo or geta.

✖ Wa Lolita do not have a set rule on what 'not' to wear as shoes.  They have been shown with everything but the Lolita taboo of four inch or higher pointed heels.

Other tips for your Wa Lolita outfit include:

✚ Feel free to pick almost any color scheme for your outfit seeing as kimono patterns are usually multiple colors, though they can be just two as well.
✚ Do not over accessorize this look or it will not have the traditional Japanese feel.
✚ You can go to most Japanese kimono stores to find accessories for your outfit including a traditional Japanese style hand bag to match your outfit.
✚ Make-up for Wa Lolita be natural, light or elements of Geisha make-up, though do not paint your face white as this will make your outfit look more like a costume.

Examples of Wa Lolita: kimono print one-piece and a one-piece with blouse.


  1. Thank you for writing this article! As someone who is new to lolita fashion I often get confused as to why people don't seem to like wa-lolita fashion. I just attributed it to not being worn properly. This makes me feel better!

  2. I am new to loita so is this dress Wa Lolita ?

  3. Wow! I haven't been on here to update and load all my posts in a while do to internet issues. Yes, the dress is Wa Lolita.

  4. This is a new dress that I bought. The seller has made many dresses for me and not once was it made of cheap fabric but in the label it says its cotton and silk I would like your Ideas on what color of shoes and sock should I wear with it. And if its a lolita outifit