Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What is Lolita?

Though most people who search this word or read over Japanese fashion know what Lolita is, a few people still do not.  Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired the Rococo and Victorian eras in history.  The fashion trend that is now a lifestyle as well was started back in 1987.  It started as a basic fashion and now has become a trend around the world.  The fashion is one that you could say has the most strict guidelines for what you can and can't wear to call the outfit a true Lolita.  The anatomy of a Lolita outfit is something that every new Lolita should look into and study and every old Lolita should know.

There are many different styles of Lolita ranging in different colors and patterns along with different accessories, though all of this stays within the rules.  The term Lolita is from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, though this is not what the style is about.  I however cannot speak for the majority do to the fact I do indeed like older men, always have and my Master is attracted to younger women and finds the style more sexually attractive than that of normal western fashion.  The main goal of a Lolita outfit though is to look elegant or cute and most of all modest.

Along with the clothes comes the personality for some.  Lolita is a fashion and a lifestyle.  Some people are cosplay Lolita who only wear it to conventions and tea parties, while others wear it on a regular and even day-to-day basis.  The people who do this are known as lifestyle Lolita and are even referred to by the word.  Being called a Lolita and not just because of the style is a compliment above all other.  The Lolita is a person who is elegant, charming and radiates with feminine modesty, beauty and manners.  Lifestyle Lolita usually have feminine hobbies such as attending or hosting tea parties, baking, embroidery, sewing and other activities that would be considered old-fashion and for women only.  Even so, there are some men that have adapted the Lolita lifestyle as well and one of the most famous Lolita, Mana, is in fact a male.

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