Monday, February 4, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 5

So another week has come and we're now in the month of February!  I'm really excited for this month and cannot wait for Valentines.  Yes, I don't have anyone I live with to go on some fancy dinner date with, but you know what?  I don't celebrate like that anyways.  To me, Valentines is the time of year when I get a present for my Master.  It's not the other way around and though on occasion he has got me things around this date, we usually do things so that I get a present on White Day instead.  This is the holiday for girls where the men return the present.  He usually does anything from a dinner date to over-sized stuffed animals and chocolates.  He does flowers once in a while, but not always.

So on with the prompt!  This time it's My Wardrobe Turnover.  Being a business woman, the second I hear turnover I think about how much I would make if I sold all of my clothes.  Though I also know in the world of fashion turnover means the rate you change out your wardrobe.  I'll give a define on both seeing as they play into Lolita rather well.  I'd have to say that if I sold all of my clothing right now for what I bought them for I'd make around $500.  That really isn't much seeing as that's as much as a normal coordinate from a brand like AP or BTSSB.  Seeing as everything of mine is now used and well worn, though mostly in wonderful condition, I'd probably only see around $280 - $300 of that at most.

Now, back into the aspect of Lolita fashion.  My wardrobe turnover in the sense of how often I switch out my clothing is next to null.  That's right, I don't sell my items.  Yes, I do have three item right now that are no longer in my style and I will be posting up for sale soon.  It's a rose headband, a Hello Kitty necklace and a EGL skirt.  The reason I'm selling these is for one, they are at least six years old and two, they do not fit my style anymore.  I wore them in middle school when I was into Gothic Lolita, though I haven't worn that for a long while and never plan on going back to the fashion.  I was sweet before that and that's how I'm going to stay from now on.  So all in all, I don't get rid of clothing very often though I do add to whenever I can which isn't that often either.  As you saw from an earlier post, I just bought my first JSK in sax, though I do have Lolita-esque clothing that I've had before that.

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