Monday, February 11, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 6

Alright, so it's now week 6 of the year 2013 and this weeks prompt is "My favorite Lolita brand"!  This one is super easy for me to answer seeing as it's the brand I adore most and would love to have full coordinates from.  BTSSB is just lovely, but my favorite is AP.  No, not Alice and The Pirates for anyone who gets their new abbreviation mixed up.  My favorite is Angelic Pretty and always has been.  They're the reason I fell so in love with Lolita to start with, that and Malice Mizer, though the gothic look just wasn't exactly me.  I'm a classic and a sweetie to the end and Angelic Pretty serves both of those fashion needs.  Sure, the clothing from them is rather pricey and super small to say the least, but I'd do anything to be able to fit into their clothing.  No, I'm not some chubby Lolita, I just have really big boobs and it makes it impossible for my upper half to squeeze into those 70-80s cm range busts...  They do have a couple things for slightly bigger busts, but if I want an AP cord, I'm going to have to either get breast reduction or hope they magically fall off.  The woes of being a DD Lolita and trying to be modest. *sigh*

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