Monday, March 25, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 12

So, besides things in the world of Lolita, I met someone this weekend!  He's uber cute and I'm so happy he wants to be my pal.  He's kinda nerdy like me and I'm not sure if he'll think I'm crazy for being into the whole Japanese culture set, but I hope all the frills won't run him off.  The only friends I hav  e right now are at my work, but we haven't set away any time to hang out.  Hopefully this will change in the future if I have some time to do something other than try to make money.

Thinking back to last weeks topic made me realize the material I used could be put into this weeks topic as well and dressed up a bit.  I'm going to be saying a bit on what I think about "combining other fashions with Lolita".  Personally, I have no problem as long as the end result doesn't come out to some horrible monster-like mess of clothes and bobbles that don't even go together.  It makes me think of those Hello Kitty x Brand dolls I see all the time that mix her with some J-pop star, model or other franchises character.

Lolita x Natural Kei is one of my current favorites of Lolita.  The whole idea of something elegant, modest and adorable mixed with something Earthy and gorgeous just makes me wish I won the lottery just to buy everything this combination has to offer.  The neutral and Earthy tones make it lean more toward the side of being mixed with classic.  Anything with flowers on it or having to do with nature is okay in my book.

Lolita x Fairy Kei would have to be my top favorite combinations ever.  When I wasn't wearing Lolita, I was wearing Fairy Kei.  Now in the world of the new millennium, you have the option to wear both at the same time.  That's just uber fabulous!  Everything about it reminds me of the earlier 90's or the 80's.  The pastel pops, characters on cutsews from cartoons and random mixes of color.  I think this is great for those who love Lolita, but don't want to stick to a few of the rules for a normal coordinate.  Yes, all the pieces are there, but the amount of poof in each isn't necessary

There are many other combinations to mix up with Lolita and all of them are very unique and rather cute.  There are a few horror stories like camo or visual kei, but hopefully you won't see those too often if ever.

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