Monday, April 15, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 15

So, there aren't many things I want to talk about today that are on topic, but I'll try to come up with something.  This entire Lolita challenge is really hard since so many of them have to do with the community, which I'm not really part of.  Just like I'm a solitary witch, I guess you could call me a solitary Lolita.  Either way, the topic for this week is "3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita".

First of all, I would have adored it if I had known anyone in the fashion and someone could have told me "Hey!  You're coordinate is a little off!" so that I would have even known I was wearing Lolita to start with.  I've always been attracted to girly fashion options and what I would wear sometimes in middle school was just a piece or two short of a full coordinate.  Sure that didn't make it much less Lolita, but I felt silly after finding out what was a guideline and what to avoid.

I also wish someone would have told me that there were more people into Lolita than I would have thought.  Absolutely no one in my area dressed in Lolita, knew about the fashion or really cared about anything Japanese Culture.  The anime group at our school (the only high school for 30 miles) was made up of only thirty people and a few of them were just there to get out of other activities.  I would have been much happier to start with if I knew I wasn't a freak.

And lastly, I would have liked it if when I first started I knew that other people in general didn't have a lot of money and that brand whores were rarer than made present by internet chatter.  Even if I had managed to be more of a people person and chatty, I was rather scared off by the idea that I was the only poor Lolita in the world.  My parents were rich, but that didn't mean they were willing to drop even a penny on something they thought was a stupid fashion.  Having only an allowance wasn't enough to help me feel confident as a new Lolita.

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