Monday, May 27, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 21

I have a follower!  I'm super thrilled that my blog has hit off and hopefully helped a few people.  I know lurking is sometimes easier than anything, but I would love to hear from everyone.  So, please don't be shy and feel free to comment once in a while.

I'm really excited to start talking about this weeks Lolita 52 Challenge theme, "Plan for a trip!  A week's worth of Lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase"!  If there is anything I love more than Lolita and kittens, it's travel!  I love and live for vacations.  Any time I can go somewhere for a little fun and relaxation, I'm one happy lady.

So, if I was going to be packing up for a week long vacation in Lolita, I'm sure I could do it with ease.  I've been on planes so many times where all I brought was my carry-on for 5 day to week and a half long trips.  I'm an awesome tight packer and can get my clothes, stuffed animal, laptop, camera and non-liquid necessities nicely packed into my mini Hong Kong suitcase or a backpack or even a messenger bag!

First of all, I would pick the two most practice pairs of shoes I own to bring and change them out every day.  Wear one pair and the other pair will get packed last on top of most everything else.  For pairs of a combo of leggings, tights and socks will be square pocket folded for the most space efficiency.  Wearing all but the socks for a second day is just fine.  Socks usually tend to collect the most skin and bacteria, so I only wear them for one day before washing them.  Next, all I will need are two nice petticoats and one pair of bloomers, folded properly and rolled slightly, they take up almost no space.  Six pairs of nice, not too thick, undies are next.  If rolled up, at this point you shouldn't have used more than 1/2 of a layer of space (minus the shoes, which should be packed later).  Next, you need to make sure and pack two nice bras that can be folded into the other cup to take up the least space.  Wearing the same bra all week is not a good idea, but you can wear one twice or even three times if you wear it on days you don't sweat.  Now that your basics are all packed, it's time to nicely fold and gently roll the four skirts you want to take.  Make sure they are all in the same color set so they can be changed out with different blouses.  All of the first layer and a little of the second layer taken up at this point, you're going to want to only take about four blouses.  Two would make 8 different outfits, but for hygienes sake and a little more originality, four will do.  Fold and roll and then add the other pair of shoes and voila!  If you have a pouch/zipper on the outside like my mini suitcase does, this is where I put the hair accessories, cuffs/gloves and jewelry I want.  I usually take about twenty tiny things to mix and match, two headpieces and if you like, a little pouch of matching makeup.  A hair straightener and the other items you need will fit in here just fine.  So there you have it, one week of packing done and no big issue!  You'll be one of the cutest people on vacation.

Now, if you are going to a theme destination, like Disney Land, I always make sure to leave space.  Pack one less blouse, no socks and less accessories.  If you can get away with it, pack one less pair of undies and make sure your clothes are thinner so they take up less room.  Do not pack any bathroom items beside a straightener.  Places like that have things for you for free on site, so no need to pack them.  Now you'll have space for a favorite Disney item or a few tiny things.  You can buy a cute shirt at one of the Disney Stores as well as accessories.  Who doesn't want some Minnie ears and a special shirt for vacation!?

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