Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Angelic Pretty Purse

Alright!  I just received my sax Angelic Pretty 2013 Lucky Pack bag today!  I'm sooo excited and happy seeing as this is my first brand.  Yes, that's right - my very first brand item!  I've drooled over AP for years, memorizing every single OP, JSK and OTK that they made, the designs and how to tell a fake from a real AP item.  The only problem I had was being poor and now my new issue, being heavy.  The overweight problem will be easy to fix seeing as I've eliminated the things in my life that made me gain all the weight in just two short years.  The money issue is a bit harder to fix though.  If I can somehow find a job that pays well, I might be able to buy brand more often, but for now it's shopping for Lolita as my second job.  I have to look through thrift shops, discount stores and random other various places for hours to find just one item that fits the requirements of Lolita.  It's a hard task, but that's the price to pay for someone who loves a rich style and makes much less than below middle class.  I'm going to cherish and take extra loving care of this bag and hopefully I'll be able to save up enough to buy something from BTSSB in California for my birthday in August.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 7

So, I'm happy as can be because in just two days I'm moving into my own apartment.  I don't care what anyone says, I'm moving all my things at once even if I have to take a bus seeing as I hate my family and never want to speak to them again.  My mother is too judgmental and my younger sister is too self-absorbed and a hypocrite worse than any you've ever seen.  That and I love animals, but I can't stand having their hair all over my things.  That and the dog is unclean and disgusting and I just do not like dogs.  So horrah for me! I'll be posting up a few things that I'm purchasing for the place and any projects I work on from there on.  I just can't wait to be free.

So this weeks prompt on Lolita is why I wear Lolita.  The reason I wear Lolita is because it makes me feel like myself.  There may be thousands of different fashion styles around the world, but Lolita is one that before even knowing the standards, I could put on and feel good about myself.  Later on I found out that it was an actual style of clothing and tried better to perfect the proper way to wear it.  My outfits before weren't as modest as they should have been, but I think over time I've fixed that.  Though most of the coordinates I have are more casual than anything, I only really count the frilly and full coordinates as Lolita.  The rest I just call my personal style seeing as it's what I'd choose without ever knowing the name or reason for it.

Lolita makes me feel like a proper young lady and it makes me happy as can be.  Though the coordinates may be pricey, I would never have my tastes for fashion go any other way.  I could be spending $300 on a jacket for some American fashion trend that will die within the next few months, but I just find the clothes here to be odd and not my taste at all.  If I could be born in a different place and time, it would have been either in Japan or in the Victorian Era.  I just wish it was easier to buy these lovely garments that make my heart sparkle with girlish delight.